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From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

When is it?

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I’ve come away from this course learning that I do matter and it is not selfish to look after myself. Whenever I am self-critcial, I remind myself what would I say to a friend and list what I believe a compassionate person represents.

–  Recent Attendee

What will it cover?

Are you hard on yourself after making a small mistake? Do you feel like you need to succeed in every aspect of your life and be perfect at everything?

Self-compassion is about giving ourselves the same kindness and care we would give to a good friend. It is about acting the same way towards ourselves when we are suffering, failing or having a difficult time, and being able to understand our suffering without ignoring it.

This course is for anyone interested in developing their understanding of the impact self-criticism can have and what it means to be self-compassionate.

This training aims to:

  • Understand what self-compassion and how it impacts your wellbeing
  • Understand barriers to self-compassion
  • Explore the three elements of self-compassion: self-kindness; common humanity and mindfulness
  • Learn techniques to help you cultivate your self-compassion

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Doing the course online has made it a lot easier to fit in alongside work.

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